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A UK-registered charity since 2003, AMEND is a patient group providing information and support services to families affected by multiple endocrine neoplasia disorders and associated endocrine tumours and syndromes.

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We are two 50somethings from Cambridge UK who feel the time is right for an adventure. Kids grown up and flown the nest (with a bit of gentle nudging!)

John and Suzanne CurranSo what made us decided to pack up and travel around the world in a VW van? A question we have been asking ourselves quite a bit in these last few weeks! Summer 2014 we decided that we would like to have an adventure before we got too old and crusty or as I read somewhere else “Adventure before Dementia.”

Originally we thought we might like to take the Trans-Siberian express, but although that would be fun we wanted more freedom than a train could offer us. John being a bit of a petrol head thought maybe we could drive “somewhere” At this point it was nothing more than possibly 3 week holiday we had in mind!


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